Thursday, April 06, 2006

Bumiputra Rockers

The last time I've heard of someone writing about the Bumiputra privileges, he was tracked down by the police force and almost had an online news site closed down. No, he was not Lord Vendetta, but the anon with the name Petrov. But with what he wrote, did it sparkle truth, we all know it deep inside.

So why do I try to touch the subject again and risk everything?

The brief understanding of the Bumiputra privileges was told to me by a friend. He told me that Tunku Abdul Rahman promised them Bumiputra privilege if they agree to be united with other people to form Malaya. Without that, no one wanted to agree on being united, since everybody have prejudice against each other. Trivial things.

My superior is quite an active person in this politics game. From time to time, he will get offers from certain companies dealing with lands, shoplots and what not. He's quite a chap, treating me not only as a staff but at times as a friend as well. So all that could be muttered out of his mouth everytime was, "I wanted to give you [insert suitable offers] but too bad you are not a Bumiputra."

So I thought to myself, what if I am not, and he still wants to give me some of the gold. Can I obtain it?

It is not like I wanted it so bad I would cut off the nation's electricity for the whole week. It's just a thought. To a rational person, it might be just a thought, but what if it keeps rolling from track to track in a radical person's mind. The train of thoughts could be a wreck.


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