Wednesday, February 15, 2006

What You're Doing, Dick?

Apparently not only The Vendetta has stop giving news, but the world too is lack of it. This is because for the past few days, the world news was all directed towards the quail hunting accident between Dick Cheeney and a lawyer.

The accident however reminded me of a quail hunting scene in the movie Wedding Crasher. In between contemplating on how to quail hunt when they do not even know how a quail looks like, Sack deliberately shoots Jeremy in the ass with a buckshot. Thus claiming it as an accident.

Maybe you know Dick saw the movie and decided to give it a shot too (pun not intended). Who says it ain't funny when you shoot another person and watch them peel off the bullet pullets one by one off their ass. Maybe.

Or perhaps they did not have a great field dog.


Blogger Lord Vendetta said...

Haha at least Jeremy got humped being shot, I wonder what that lawyer gonna demand. A-ye Dick!

12:04 PM, February 15, 2006  

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