Thursday, January 26, 2006

The Great Firewall

As some of you who might be aware of this, China, for years, has been trying to build a digital firewall surrounding the Internet activities in its country. They are trying to sort of like do a big Intranet within the country, hence, filtering and censoring out many others option to surf.

Dilbert's creator Scott Adams jokingly said, "One of my favourite websites would make the potato farmer goes blind."

I do not know what the holier than thou group of people like some of you might think, but I think this is pure torture. Censor is a torture. Plus I am not saying this because of the lack of porn they will get. Sad to say, when they were free from communism in the whole, they are still bound together by digital communist.

As opposed to popular belief, censorship does not only limit itself to pornography. Then again, that is the belief of holier than thou people.

For instance, if I am in China, and I do not get to go to certain sites for the rest of my life, I would have committed a revolution. I don't mean pornography sites only you motherfuckers. The last thing China wants is let's say 1% of their population goes all out attacking that Great Firewall and watch it crumble into pieces. They have forgotten that they have trained many of their population the wonders of non-Microsoft products like Unix and Linux. It's a mean machine if they have evil on their mind.

The forbidden fruit is always sweeter they say. People would do a lot of things to obtain it.

I, personally loathe censorship and I pity my fellow countrymen. No wonder I see them in craze around where I work. They glued on to the Internet and their face is beaming with one thing.


Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Information Accuracy In Blogs

In my opinion, should be shoved up a donkey's ass and then force it to take laxatives. The pleasure of watching the pile of shit goes out in liquidified version like the flow of Yang Tze river will definitely relate people to information accuracy in blogs.

Motoko once said in Ghost In The Shell that, "the Net is vast and infinite. Where does the newborn go from here?".

The answer should be, "Nobody actually knows."

As far as the matter is concerned, Internet, the Mother of God itself, has never been a concrete source of information accuracy. It is always partially biased, if not fully biased at all. It is not 100% accurate, and the sweet thing is nobody ever said that information put on the Internet has to be accurate, or you will land your sweet ass at the dog pound of Timbuktu. There is no legal statutes that say information on the Internet MUST be accurate.

This is even far from being responsible.

So why the fuck does the government say that all information on the blogs must be accurate?

Do I now need to tell the world that my mother has 4 nipples and one of them is borrowed by Dolly Parton? Should I put down that my Uncle Sam from Papua New Guinea was the real Slim Shady who sang for Eminem?

Stop me from not being accurate then.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Lucifer Made A Band

I do not know much about current issues, as I often read the newspaper way back or I don't at all. But when I was on my way back home last night, the cabbie was listening to the radio. I overheard that the Syariah court decided to ban Black Metal music and Muslims that are caught in any incident related to it will be charged in the Syariah court.

If there is a truly one thing our nation is good at, it would be banning. If you don't agree, think harder.

So Black Metal music will be labelled 'haram'. So is alcohol, eating pork or not fasting. Yet people are still doing it, and some of my Muslim friends do them all at the same time.

I'd say that we need to educate. Banning essentially would not work as they, sometimes, do not know the reason why they are banned. As human, we do not comply to things that we do not understand.

Hence, people will still happily do it regardless if you put death sentence to it. Hey, drug trafficking has death sentence tied to it, but then again, why do people still do it. I wonder.

Monday, January 23, 2006

War Criminal - A Long Way To Go

Sometimes I wonder how long does it take to prosecute a war criminal and let justice take it tolls on them. But how long does justice take? I think some of them takes forever. Or else why you think so many revolutionists take the short way out and form a revolution.

For instance, on the link above, it has been 27 years since the Khmer Rouge regime took over Cambodia and turn it into a burial ground, both to locals and foreigners. The period of 27 years could already let you breed a new generation of soldiers. But why only now they are prosecuted? Don't you think some are old enough to not remember what they ever did?

It is quite a common thing to know that if you are not the victim, it is more unlikely for you to remember your bad deeds. Especially you don't have conscience to begin with.

Nazi officers were not all prosecuted yet. Saddam is still in trial and being stubborn as ever, even demands for new prosecutors. Nobody knows what really happened in Vietnam? Who killed J.F. Kennedy? Let's not even go international, who really knows what actually happened during the '69 May riot. And by God, a clear cut prosecution to the rape-murder of Canny Ong also takes forever to solve.

All only related to one thing. Somebody is covering up. Somebody is covering up real good. And everything will also lead to another, which is vendetta. Somebody will be fed up to wait and strikes on their own.

Unfortunately this vicious will loop in a cycle.

You better thank God your candy is still in it's piece.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Munich : What Happened After That?

Steven Spielberg has come out with a new controversial movie entitled Munich. It is about what happened at Munich Olympics in the year 1972. 11 Israelis athlete was taken hostage by Palestinian mob and murdered as the world was watching the Olympics. The movie, scheduled to open at theaters late January, is NOT going to show what happened throughout the ordeal. Instead, Spielberg is going to direct what happened AFTER the murder.

Though I am very sure that our country will ban this movie, if not, then I must be dead wrong. There is no way that our Censorship Board will let it show. I am sure that they will use violence for the excuse, just like Schindler's List but we all know deep down that they will never let a movie about Jews be shown back here. Heck, we can't even visit Israel.

Another movie that will be banned would be Ang Lee's Brokeback Mountain. It is because to the old folks, the movie sounds like BrokeAnus Hymen.

More than 30 years ago, it happened. Now in the year 2006, Israel and Palestine are still fighting over the stupid holy land Jerusalem. A Yemen counterpart once told me about a prophecy. He said that the day Israel and Palestine stop fighting, that is the sign of the end of the world.

Personally, I would rather let it be end of the world. I am sick and tired of listening to wars relating to both of this country. And by all means, most wars directly or indirectly are related to them.

Please let the rain of fire and sea of acid burn us all up!

Monday, January 16, 2006

Sweet Revenge With The Blatant Truth

It seems to be inevitable and an universal rule to have an annoying person in the office to balance that whole 'yin/yang' or 'good/bad' qi in the office environment, just like how things work in the eco system where you need to have the predators on the prey and the most ferocious predator will in turn succumb to the smallest of all micro-organism. It's a vicious cycle. Hence, very seldom you will find an office full of pleasant colleagues, if there is one, I would say its either the devils in disguise, or its truly Utopia on earth.

So, needless to say, there is an annoying girl in my office, whom when spoken to will reply (or the lack of) with a pug look-alike crumpled face and a flatter than the runway come-slap-me tone. For the love of God, knowing full well that she has successfully pissed off many of the nicer people in the office, including the 66 year-old tea lady, I made it a point to stay away from her just so to ensure that her dignity is safe from any form of tramping from yours truly.

I guess sometimes when I try to be nice, I am just not given the chance to.

One sunny afternoon, just when I was feeling all frustrated and agonised by some stupid client, she had to come running to my desk, with her fats bouncing off the ground that caused a minor turbulence to the air current in my department, and demanded me to show her an article which had her roti prata face published in it. Holding back the urge to kick her into her Michelin stomach (for the fear of getting suck into the black hole) I pulled out the article and slapped it in front of her face.

"Aiyooo, so big ar the picture!!" -- she sounded like a kampong-market-going-mountain-tortoise from a rural well in Timbuktu, fishing for attention and I was not giving any to her.

"Aiyooo..." she attempted again to get my (or anyone's) attention, fully unaware of what was going to hit her next.

".....the picture take until I look so fat picture take until I look so ugly...." She laughed hysterically at her own statement. To say that she sounded like a hyena was an understatement.

I finally decided to give her the attention she was dying for. I lifted my head that was buried into my monitor, turned to face her and gave her a darting cold stare like how an agitated corpse would. I slowly parted my lips, cold mist dispersed into the thin air making everything frosty, and hissed the deadly truth and probably the last words she would be hearing from me....

"What do you expect that ugly face of yours to look like in the picture?"

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Let Me Take You Back to the Old School, Let Me Take You Back to the Union Square

Let me take you back to the old school. Wave your hands around like you just don't care.

All right Funk Master Flex aside, today, we are taking you back to the old school (not really old) days. A couple of years ago, when blogging was rolling down the big hill sucking in everybody in presence, I took the step of revealing my identity going out for drinks in certain blog gatherings. Alcohol always gets me suck in like a crack junkie. It was great. There you are sitting in a group, some of the them you read before, some you never heard of the existence.

All this before the Project Petaling Street has taken it's toll.

There will always be different group of people meeting up somewhere or another. Some on their own. Some just waited for the big group to make one. Then again not like it has stop now.

After meeting up a couple of times, I had to say that some accounts were scary, or rather precisely spoken, it's a very hypocrite affair.

I had sat down once, looking at my coffee and the surroundings, listening to a certain blogger lashing out on another blogger. All this behind the latter's back. You don't get to see this on the Internet because on their each blog, they are praising each other like mad dogs on love potion.

I listened and listened up to a point I nearly pop up and said, "Hey, didn't I saw this evening on each other comment, you two were like praising each other's entry. Getting all lovey dovey, like we are sisters." But I didn't. I did not want to break her balls.

To a couple more of these meetings and I stop. I couldn't take it anymore. Everyone is badmouthing the other directly or indirectly. I just wanted to pass the night with drinks and fun. I did not go there to listen to your who's more popular bullshit.

So here I am now, anonymous, and if I go out, I do not want to talk about blogs. Unless it's fucking funny and no lashing out like mad prairie dogs in heat, because if you need to do that, I recommend you do it straight on the person's face. Not like being all nice in their respective comment boxes and go crap behind their back.

Friday, January 13, 2006

The Vendetta Reviewed

Thank you, Asian Blog Critic, for taking the time to review our blog. Lets get straight into action, shall we?

"Below the header is this description: First, you must discover whose face lies behind this mask, but you must never know my face... How confusing!"
Yes, its a quote from Alan Moore's graphic novel "V for Vendetta". I think what best explains this line is the author's own comment on where he got his ideas from:

"Firstly, in the dismal and confused sludge of opinion and half-truth that make-up all the artistic theory and criticism, it is the only question worth asking. Secondly, we don't know the answer and we're scared that somebody will found out."


"This is one of the plainer Blogspot templates around, with not many pictures to liven up the place."

When we started, we have always given more emphasis and priority to the quality of our posts, and not the layout/template of our blog, though we try to make things simple and less frill. However, we shall consult our emotional gay designer friend, KinkyPugKevin, for some advice.

"The bloggers are very opinionated, which I like. They touch upon several issues such as religion and politics and aren't afraid to state their mind."

Well, of course and we may add that it is not restricted to religious and political issues only. Even narcissistic individuals are not spared.

"Sometimes the posts border on the erotic and vengeful, such as the Sweet Revenge with Peanut Butter one: "Today, I smeared my whole body with peanut butter and invited him to lick me clean ... I guess he couldn't resist this deadly temptation, even though he is allergic to peanut butter, very badly." Intriguing ... and I guess it fits in with the blog's declaration that "We Only Seek Justice", since it seems to be some sort of revenge plot."

Yes, our Lady Venom is much deadlier than you think.

"Despite having 3 contributors, this blog isn't updated very regularly. There were no posts between Dec 31 and Jan 8 which was probably due to the holidays, and none since Jan 9."

Its the beginning of a new year. Time to re-strategise and set out achieving new goals. We will be back. Soon.

"Still, it's well-written, although it could do with a livelier template."

"My rating: 6/10"

Thank you again.

We also take criticisms well and certainly hope more readers will drop by and leave a comment or two.

Good day!!

Monday, January 09, 2006

Majority vs. Individuality

It is either that we are quite outdated or the news on the wire now is hot about molestations that happened in crowded areas. In fact, it is quite rampant that it does not only involve Singapore or foreign workers. Believe it or not, it happens everywhere in the world.

But this is not the point of this post.

This post wants to talk about how majority could overcome individuality then begin to group a certain category as the bad seed. However this post is not to say that molestations is A okay. It is merely to show that one major category had the finger pointed at, because frequent cases of happening derived from their countrymen or brothers.

In the recently hot news, foreign workers, or specifically 'dark coloured' people are put on the cross and shall be ready to be burn at stake. But is it fair to pin point on all 'dark coloured' people? You can't deny it but to see the burning hatred on all comments are towards them.

And when a couple of other individuals have the same experience involving the same group of people, the hatred avalanched down and could possibly create a bigger problem.

This is almost like to compare how China hated Japan for the Nanking rape. How our senior citizens hated Japanese for what they did during the World War II. How Islam hated Jews for what they did thousand years ago. The Indonesian Chinese-Local riot. How some who still have not recovered from May 1969 riot in Malaysia.

As a result of all these hatred and lack of toleration, individual who happens to be related to any of these incident, directly or indirectly, are affected because people don't target individuality now. Instead they hit on the majority.

Sad but true.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Sweet Revenge With Ex-es

I can totally understand and can accept (to a certain extent) an ex-couple to be good friends after they have broken up. They have after all shared certain amount of good and rough times together in the past and knows each other well enough, at least more than others.

What I cannot understand and will NEVER accept is for a girl/guy to expect her/his ex-es to STILL be around to support her/him emotionally (be it as friends or more than just friends) when the guy/girl has moved on happily with someone new in his/her life.

The term 'ex' means -- yes, we once loved and cared for each other but hey, there were differences we couldnt agree to and we thought separation will do each other more benefits than not, so lets just move and get on with our lives, shall we?!!

Ex-es should NEVER be our responsibilities.