Friday, December 09, 2005

Rant and R.age

Lately The Star had came out with a new section with focuses on college students. As you all might know, they call it R.age featuring everything that might interest the people in the mentioned category. Or perhaps even some goldfish mongers too. What is the best place for goldfish mongers to take in new goldfish? Go figure.

Though that is not the point.

The R.age team also introduced a blog portal for people to rant and voice out their opinions. Then again, do you think people will really voice out opinion if they have to go through the editors first. Will people ever freely rant if their identity is known? Yes, of course they will if they don't worry about getting pick up in a blue Land Rover or having private visit from the blood sucking pigs we call police.

The sooner your anonymous identity is busted, the sooner you find yourself writing more to suit the majority. The worst is you don't even feel like saying anything anymore.

You will end up writing about your 100th zit that burst out of your already pimply face. You will write about how you feel about rock climbing. Rock climbing? In other words, only positive things will be mentioned. The rest will be kept in the dark, forever locked in pandora's box.

If you ask me, is that a rant? I say yes it is, only when Bridgette Bardot can bend over and give herself a cunnilingus. As I am sure there are many issues they want to let it out at, but only constrained and restricted. Or a better possibility of being taken of by certain editors, who thinks they are holier than thou, and they rather not poke the authorities.

But then again, rant is supposed to be freely written down. It's almost like a way to vent out something. A spade is a spade. And my fart smell like Strawberry Meringue.


Blogger Lord Vendetta said...

oh Bridgette, kinky!!

can KinkyPugKevin bend over and give himslef a blowjob??

good Vendetta!

PPS readers seem more interested to know:

1. wot the fuck Ive been doing last summer;

2. which blogging whore cooking wot cock;

3. oh-im-so-wet-down-ther;

4. Israel has a new leader;

5. another 50 ppl killed today in Iraq;

6. which MP has more brains??

I can go on and on, but its Friday. So fuck all and PLEASE make love like John Lennon!!

3:55 PM, December 09, 2005  
Blogger Vlad said...

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5:25 PM, December 09, 2005  

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