Thursday, December 01, 2005

Can I Have A Larger Slice Of The Pie, Please?

As soon as my age turn 15 -- and the fact that my father had pass away -- I soon become a wanderer. Of course I am not talking about the magical Dungeons and Dragons wanderer type, as I am sure the only thing I know about magic wands is to jerk it. I am talking about being less at home and constantly roaming outside the house door trying to find excitement.

Maybe every kid on earth feels the same way too.

The more you stay outside and being without a guardian, the more possibility of you either committing something unlawful, or you are being suspected for doing it. The logic is adults will always blame the neighbourhood kid if something goes wrong.

"Yesterday someone took the dustbin and flipped it upside down." said the fish monger. "Now I have to arrange it back in order."

The listening bystander would usually reply, "Ah, must be those kids ler. Always roaming around. Had nothing better to do."

It is not a fact but it's a norm.

So creating this whole scenario, who do you think the police would stop when they are patrolling?

Yes, the hood rats. We are always stopped for no reason. We are body searched or being thrown questions at. In fact we go to police station for a chat more than we actually go to temple to pray.

What is this all about? I thought since we are at heat with the word 'corruption', I might as well try to say out why it does happen? A speculation due to real life examples, never meaning to be downgrading anyone.

It was the 90s and do you know how much a police constable earn for a month? No you all guessed it wrong. They who walk out in the street, patrolling at odd hours trying to make a living but might be put upfront when there's danger, earn less than a clerk sitting down in an air-conditioned office doing basically nothing. One police constable told me he earn only about RM400 a month. He also told me that without a little help from small 'contributions' from the citizen, how do you think he would feed his family.

During earlier years, I am privileged to travel to Hong Kong. I also learnt that their police constable who REALLY patrol the street on foot earns about HKD9000 (RM4500 at the rate then.)

No, this is not that much of a comparison made. You don't have to lose sleep over it. You don't have to think that I am making a greener grass at the other side statement.

Maybe what one gwailo said was right. Maybe our police force is really underpaid. To hell to better training, because it has been tarnished already for too long.

Indeed, they have been somehow trained to have a larger slice of the pie. Most probably not by the system, but the people who are in the system.

Then again, thanks for wasting your time reading this.


Blogger Lord Vendetta said...

may i know what flavour those pies have??

7:04 PM, December 01, 2005  
Blogger Ghost Hack said...

You can choose. But keep away from the Lemon flavour.

9:46 AM, December 02, 2005  

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