Monday, November 28, 2005

How Selective Must One Be?

As we all know, when people were charged by the court regarding what they had wrote online, the situation is not on our side anymore. On our side meaning for us, hood rats who feel the need to put things down regardless how sensitive it is, and not worry about it thrown back into our face with a legal lawsuit.

Can we not adhere selective reading? Can we not just read through or if it is too hurting for you, just do not read it at all? Then it all boils down to the last solution, lawsuit.

People are known to argue that if we do not want people to read, then why we publish it online? The vast Net when formerly consisted of two points only now multiplied itself into billions of neural lifeforms. And if everybody is that sensitive, Internet wouldn't have survived this long. But yet we couldn't ignore the fact that someone would be sensitive and constantly wondering whether I am writing down a script for porn or not.

Soon, everyone will not dare to voice out their opinion, regardless how true it is. The one who would most probably will end up behind masks or behind barriers of proxy connection hoping that authorities would not trace back to them. Democracy, the one we know existing now, will be used by Shank the Overseer to constantly have some lubricated masturbating.

Do you think we will ever have the voice to actually say something? Do you know by how many hundreds of opinions are blocked out from appearing in the newspapers because the editor rim the anus ring of someone in the ruling class. Do you even think that I am sane?

So when I see the announcement saying, "You are responsible for what you BLOG," of course I am, I hit the 'publish' button! But I didn't think people would be stupid enough to be offended. I didn't think that it would be used against me in any near future.

Call me delusional, but if they do come around, I will be prepared with denial.

Or is this what they called selective living?


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