Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Bad Boys, Bad Boys. What Chu Gonna Do?

Exactly, what you going to do if they come for you. 'They' here meaning the police force.

Let me tell you something. Basically there is nothing that you can do, unless to ask for their warrant -- which they don't have most of the time. Either that or you burn your pocket getting a lawyer. Then again if you are a teenager, what possibility do you have to hire an advocate, be it devil's or not.

I am sure many of you have read in the newspapers about how the Chinese Nationality was mistreated in the lock up. Media sensationalized it. People talking about it. People throwing invisible stones claiming that it was an act of racism. MPs talked about it like they give a damn.

Well yes, they do give a damn. They give a damn about our relationship with China. That is all about it.

For those who has the privilege of not ever step foot into an interrogations will never know and think this is something new. Something so shocking that you squirt coffee through your nostrils. Something like this happened and you feel like you are all fueled up, preparing to burn down the police force.

(Un)fortunately all these has been happening for years. If you think being naked and being forced to ear squat is shocking, then you are more naive than you should be. Detainees has been always treated badly, regardless your race, nationality or condition. Especially when it involves the Narcotics Department.

Ear squat in the nude is nothing when compared to sitting on a block of ice and have your nails being clipped with a playar. I once sat across a room with another friend being interrogated safe and sound, but unfortunately not him. He was kicked and punched, at a point, I thought he looked like a mannequin being bashed up. Once a while, supposedly a 'good cop' would come over and console you, trying to make you admit to crimes which are sometimes beyond your own capability.

So where was all the MPs when our own brothers and sisters from our beloved country were treated like vermins?

Where were all the people's voice? Have they gone mute? Where's all the journalist?


Blogger Lord Vendetta said...

guess they were busy kissing/fanning someone else' ass(es) otw they dun hv a job, tell me something new.

2:39 PM, November 30, 2005  

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