Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Stop Barking And Join ACA!

Hey all you NATOs (No Action Talk Only). Yes YOU, YOU and YOU!

Stop hiding behind YOUR computer screen and instead of whining/complaining/protesting how corrupted YOUR government is or how you DON'T LOVE YOUR country anymore bla bla bla yadda, why don't YOU put YOUR words into ACTION and join the Anti-Corruption Agency?

Ohh, I can see a some of YOU retreating into denial state AGAIN!

Self-righteous asses!!

The Balance?

There are two phrases, which although almost have the same wordings, but are totally different.

  1. "Why sacrifice a thousand innocents when you can eliminate the guilty one?"

  2. "Why bother about the thousand innocents when at least the guilty one wouldn't be spared?"

There is no prize for guessing which one the modern terrorists stand up to.

Yes, it is sad indeed.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Terrorists Threatened Attacks

"Report: Militant group threatens attacks on Malaysia and others

JAKARTA, Indonesia: A militant group calling itself Al-Qaida's Southeast Asian Division has threatened to attack regional governments, and lauds two notorious terrorist leaders as "tigers of Islam.''

In a Web site posting seen Tuesday, the previously unknown group warned Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia and the Philippines to expect attacks on government, military and economic targets, and urged Muslims to avoid those locations."

Full report here (The Star).

Therefore, I also urge NON-MUSLIMS to avoid the abovenamed locations, unless of course, you are tired of living.

Bad Boys, Bad Boys. What Chu Gonna Do?

Exactly, what you going to do if they come for you. 'They' here meaning the police force.

Let me tell you something. Basically there is nothing that you can do, unless to ask for their warrant -- which they don't have most of the time. Either that or you burn your pocket getting a lawyer. Then again if you are a teenager, what possibility do you have to hire an advocate, be it devil's or not.

I am sure many of you have read in the newspapers about how the Chinese Nationality was mistreated in the lock up. Media sensationalized it. People talking about it. People throwing invisible stones claiming that it was an act of racism. MPs talked about it like they give a damn.

Well yes, they do give a damn. They give a damn about our relationship with China. That is all about it.

For those who has the privilege of not ever step foot into an interrogations will never know and think this is something new. Something so shocking that you squirt coffee through your nostrils. Something like this happened and you feel like you are all fueled up, preparing to burn down the police force.

(Un)fortunately all these has been happening for years. If you think being naked and being forced to ear squat is shocking, then you are more naive than you should be. Detainees has been always treated badly, regardless your race, nationality or condition. Especially when it involves the Narcotics Department.

Ear squat in the nude is nothing when compared to sitting on a block of ice and have your nails being clipped with a playar. I once sat across a room with another friend being interrogated safe and sound, but unfortunately not him. He was kicked and punched, at a point, I thought he looked like a mannequin being bashed up. Once a while, supposedly a 'good cop' would come over and console you, trying to make you admit to crimes which are sometimes beyond your own capability.

So where was all the MPs when our own brothers and sisters from our beloved country were treated like vermins?

Where were all the people's voice? Have they gone mute? Where's all the journalist?

Monday, November 28, 2005

Sweet Revenge With Hypocracy

When Lady Venom strikes, you wouldn't know what hit you. Instead, you would thank her for making your life miserable.

Lady Venom was summoned into the hall of justice one day. Before the Almighty one, she was asked to explain herself.

"Why did you bestow the kiss of death on him?"

"Because he placed a curse on you, my Lord."

"Job well done, my Lady. And how did you manage to kiss him?"

"I told him he look irresistibly sexy with his eyes closed."

Never underestimate a woman's ability to mask her real emotions when it comes to revenge.

Always heed the old saying that poison comes in sweet wrappings...

How Selective Must One Be?

As we all know, when people were charged by the court regarding what they had wrote online, the situation is not on our side anymore. On our side meaning for us, hood rats who feel the need to put things down regardless how sensitive it is, and not worry about it thrown back into our face with a legal lawsuit.

Can we not adhere selective reading? Can we not just read through or if it is too hurting for you, just do not read it at all? Then it all boils down to the last solution, lawsuit.

People are known to argue that if we do not want people to read, then why we publish it online? The vast Net when formerly consisted of two points only now multiplied itself into billions of neural lifeforms. And if everybody is that sensitive, Internet wouldn't have survived this long. But yet we couldn't ignore the fact that someone would be sensitive and constantly wondering whether I am writing down a script for porn or not.

Soon, everyone will not dare to voice out their opinion, regardless how true it is. The one who would most probably will end up behind masks or behind barriers of proxy connection hoping that authorities would not trace back to them. Democracy, the one we know existing now, will be used by Shank the Overseer to constantly have some lubricated masturbating.

Do you think we will ever have the voice to actually say something? Do you know by how many hundreds of opinions are blocked out from appearing in the newspapers because the editor rim the anus ring of someone in the ruling class. Do you even think that I am sane?

So when I see the announcement saying, "You are responsible for what you BLOG," of course I am, I hit the 'publish' button! But I didn't think people would be stupid enough to be offended. I didn't think that it would be used against me in any near future.

Call me delusional, but if they do come around, I will be prepared with denial.

Or is this what they called selective living?

The Name That Never Existed

Beware of the arrival of Lady Venom who will consume the last breath of your soul if you are not careful with her sweet revenge.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

The Queue That Was Never There

While Lord Vendetta will be almost all vigilante, I will be the one who will write about anything under the sun. Yes, even when you have a cockroach living in between your ass cheeks.

Recently, I only had the time to renew my identity card to the new MyKad. The card where supposedly to have all your details and extracted out with a single swipe or inserted into a reader. I am not sure though if they have thought about the flaw of it. Every technology has it flaws. I do not know if the government had thought about chip reprogramming. But I am not here to talk about that.

So of all the JPN center available throughout Klang Valley, I chose the one latest and thought to be having less people, but boy was I wrong.

7 o' clock in the morning, when the birds started to chirp, people were already lining up awaiting the opening of the JPN center, or rather waiting to have the number tickets to determine their turn to process. What weird was there was two lines of queue, both towards the opposite direction. Who was here first? Which of the line is the correct line? Why the fuck using two lines? I mean the other line doesn't look more foreign to the one I am in.

The chaos started when one of the officer came out to give out the number tickets. Both the line claimed to be the first one there. Soon within minutes, civilised people became uncivilised and started pushing. It doesn't help either when the officer said, "Ah saya tutup mata, ambiklah sendiri."

That, my friend is an invitation for more chaos. Old people being pushed about, every auntie and uncle were reaching out their hands like teenagers on a rock concert and people shouting about.

I got number 1048, and to other centers, that would be a quick drill and I should have been processed by 9 or so. But since this center is quite new, and everything is still slow, I only managed to be done at noon. High noon.

Then I thought to myself, maybe the people there are uncivilised because they lived near the zoo. We have heard news of animal spirits coming out and invade humans. But I thought that was a hoax?

Friday, November 25, 2005

Code Name : Project 2501

The net is vast and infinite. Where does the newborn go from here?

That, we shall all see as it progress.